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Homeowner Tricks

There are a lot of advertisements, but the link below had a lot of tricks homeowners may find useful.  I hadn’t seen many of them before. Link here... Read more

Record High NH Home Prices Are Here

NH Home Prices... Read more

Benefits to Buyers Agency

How Can a Buyer Agent Help Me Buy a Home or Investment Property? A buyer agent works to protect your best interests by providing complete and professional guidance to you.  Even though it doesn’t get asked that often, the most often pondered question is: “What does it cost?” Under most circumstances a buyers agents fee […]... Read more

Real Estate Investors: 10 Overlooked Tax Tips

#1— RENTAL INCOME TAX TIPS The lower your rental income for the year, the less you will owe in taxes. By minimizing your rental income, you can reduce your taxable liability. This does not mean you should stop collecting rent, it just means you might not have to include all the rent you’ve collected in […]... Read more

So you want to be a landlord?

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